Swig Cups was created to fight disposable cups discarded. 

Each Swig Cups used is equivalent of 5 to 10 disposable cups. In 2018, we estimate that around 800,000 single-use cups haven't been used thanks to Swig Cup users. It's time for change, help our fight in encouraging sustainability.

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Swig Cups help reduce the volume of waste at an event by up to 80%. Events tend to generate  a lot of waste, with many disposable cups being thrown on the floor. Swig Cups can be reused or kept as a souvenir - reducing the amount of waste.

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Swig Cups have a long lifespan and will be reused multiple times during the event. Swig Cups can be used year-after-year by event organisers. Our cups can be washed more than 200 times without being damaged. Swig Cups have a long lifespan after the event, making it an investment not only for you but also for the environment.

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Keep your Swig Cup as a souvenir. These multi-use cups have a long life and can be reused at various future family events or functions.

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Swig Cups can be returned at the end of an event, where it will then be sent for recycling and a have a chance at a second life.