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How does it work when I arrive at an event using Swig Cups?

How does the deposit system work?

At the event, each reusable cup is subject to a deposit of R10 to R15. The customer will pay their deposit for a cup with their first drink. He will reuse his cup all day and at the end he can choose to return his Swig Cup for a refund or keep the cup as an event souvenir. We do not force customers to buy our cups after use. Our main goal is to reduce plastic consumption.

What happens when I return my Swig Cup?

Swig Cups can be reused multiple times whether at another event or recycled and given a second life.

During the event the cup is washed and reused. After the event it will be stored and used at the next event. For once-off events, the remaining cups will be recycled by one of our partners nearest to the event and new products will be made.